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bossi Strada SS - a new breed

The Production Process

Lighter, less flex, and more aero shaping. It’s all possible thanks to titanium casting. The Strada SS brings together multiple technologies in a single package for the first time; cast manufacturing, fully internal cable routing, and Kamm-aero profile tubes. We’ve invested in all the tooling so we can own and control the process. You won't find generic alternatives, or any alternatives for that matter. For now, the Strada SS is the only frame we’re aware of that blends those elements together.

Aero optimised, not compromised

Aerodynamic claims have become very cycling marketing du-jour recently so we’ll say up-front: the Strada is more aero than a traditional round-tubed Ti frame, but not aero obsessed. We've adopted proven aerodynamic forms, and amalgamated them with our rider-focussed philosophy that prioritises handling, character and ride quality. Cast junctions allow seamless connection to aero-optimised profiles, similar to high performance bikes which have incorporated Kamm forms for years.

The Strada SS then represents a progressive step for titanium's ability to slice the wind more efficiently. From a broader industry perspective; no needles have moved and envelopes remain un-pushed in the field of aerodynamics.


We've brought the T47 bottom bracket to the Strada SS. It meets market expectation and opens the door to more, and emerging, crankset options. The move to T47 is about giving our customers what they want, and the feedback to date is that people want threads.  That combined with flat mount disc brakes, integrated cabling, thru axles, and clearance for 30c tyres means the Strada SS is as future-proof as they come

The Bling

We'll be adding multiple paint and finishing options for those wanting some extra personalisation. As every job is different quotes will be provided after consultation.

Option 1: As seen on this page. A single main colour on the front 2/3s of the frame and fully covering the fork. banded with a second highlight colour.

Option 2: Painted to the chainstays. Get that classic metal frame aesthetic with paint almost all the way back, leaving some shiny exposed titanium on the chainstays to remind people you're rolling on Ti.

Option 3: The fade. Blend two colours into each other in either patten above

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