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Strada Classic - TItanium Road Bike

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STRADA CLASSIC - Titanium Road Bike

The Strada Classic re-enforces our philosophy of 'Bikes for the Real World'. We want to get more people on titanium so we set about designing a bike that costs less but compromises none of the ride character or quality of the bike. We took the high quality manufacturing from our Strada race frame then simplified and optimised for production.

For a full breakdown of frame features and design please visit the frameset page here

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Custom Build Kit

Looking for a bike that's uniquely yours? Get in touch with our team and we'll help you create your dream bike, customised from the ground up. We encourage all our customers to get creative with their builds. If you're treating yourself to your forever bike, let's make it special.



We offer multiple paint and finishing options for those wanting some extra personalisation. As every job is different, quotes will be provided after consultation.

Option 1:  A single main colour on the front 2/3s of the frame and fully covering the fork. banded with a second highlight colour.

Option 2: Painted to the chainstays. Get that classic metal frame aesthetic with paint almost all the way back, leaving some shiny exposed titanium on the chainstays to remind people you're rolling on Ti.

Option 3: The fade. Blend two colours into each other in either pattern above

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