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“Our goal in designing the SX was to take the Grit and make it ‘more’ in every area. Better handling, more clearance, easier service, more versatility, more fun." James Bossi

The Grit SX is a complete overhaul of its predecessor with a raft of new features and reworked geometry. We have loaded the SX with everything that we'd want from a gravel/adventure bike in a package that is both tighter and more focused than the original Grit.



This isn't one of those "re-designed from the ground up" cliches, we literally went front-to-back. The Grit SX manages the naturally conflicting elements of gravel bikes. Balancing large tyre clearance, slacker front end, precise handling, stiffness, liveliness, and a comfortable ride is no small task. We believe we've done it.

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